The PRIGO Elementary School

The private PRIGO Elementary Schools in Ostrava is part of the PRIGO multi-stage teaching system which includes an eight-year, six-year and four-year grammar schools, several kindergartens and other schools at all levels of school education. It is based on the unique, trademark-protected PriorityGO approach to education which is based on the combination of individualization of teaching, modern didactic methods and respect for the challenges of contemporary society whereby education is perceived as a life-long philosophy and a continuous approach to life, not a mean to achieve other goals.

The PRIGO schools entered the second quarter of their existence last year. They deem important to focus on teaching English and other languages. As one of few schools, our Elementary Schools are licensed to teach some subjects in English, which is also reflected in our pupils’ school reports. Our schools also include a language school with accredited state language examinations, which can be found in the school register. This is the highest certification that a school can obtain. We cooperate closely with more than 20 schools from all around the world, starting with European, through American and ending with Chinese (see here). The key element and difference from other similar schools, however, is mainly the focus on developing the children’s skills and interest in nature nad technology already from their preschool years up to their possible university studies. We use the maximum scope provided to us by the Framework Educational Programme for Elementary Education, established by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

In addition to convenient premises, the individual approach and quality of education are provided by well-paid teachers, allowing us to provide the pupils with the best education and ensure their actual personality development with the subsequent preparation for secondary education. There are also two important advantages of attending a PRIGO Elementary School. Given the experience we have with running nursery schools, from which the children may enrol at the elementary school, we are able to ensure a stress-free transition to compulsory school attendance.

After finishing the elementary school or when attending it, the pupils may enrol in 8-year, 6-year and 4-year Grammar School programmes either at the PRIGO Medical and Science Grammar School or the PRIGO Language and Humanities Grammar School. Alternatively, they can enrol in various study specialisations at the PRIGO High School. As a consequence, a smooth transition to secondary education is ensured. Our secondary schools further cooperate with many universities and their teachers, which results in a relatively trouble-free transition to university studies as well.

The PRIGO schools can therefore guide your children from their pre-school years up to their university studies.

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