The PRIGO Elementary School Frenštát pod Radhoštěm

Teaching takes place in two of our schools. These are very well-equipped classrooms, located in Frenštát pod Radhoštěm in a well-known school district at Mariánská 252 and Tyršova 1053 streets. Teaching takes place in above-standard equipped rooms and a very pleasant environment. The children are divided into small groups, enjoying individual approach.

The PRIGO Elementary SCHOOL offers a friendly and homely environment with a strong dominance of individual elements.

The first stage of the elementary school with its sophisticated approach helps children discover themselves and supports their natural abilities in all areas ranging from humanities, arts, language skills, technologies and natural sciences. We guarantee a maximum of 10 children in class. In the first three years, there is only verbal assessment, which opens a door to an approach to children that is not stressful. We learn to work with mistakes, which we consider a challenge and an opportunity for improvement and progress. The school and the parents stay in a close, respectful and open contact, and through their password-protected access credentials, the parents can regularly learn about planned events, news and photos from the classes and the life in the school.

Each classroom is equipped with an interactive board, which isn’t used just for languages but also for other subjects and entertainment. Apple TVs have been newly installed in our classrooms, and both teachers and students have laptops and iPads with Apple Pencils at their disposal. English classes and after-school activities take place with native speakers who speak with the children in English only. We empower reading literacy, and each classroom has its own bookcase, supplemented by children themselves at the school’s expense.

An essential part of our teaching is also the sports activities covered by the tuition fee – swimming, skiing, roller skate, ice skate and golf courses but also trips and excursions to the surrounding areas, the Technology Centre, galleries, museums, libraries, farms or castles – which all serve as an important educational tool. We do not forget about birthday celebrations of our children in the class during the school year.

Come and see us. Both the parents of potential candidates and the parents of our pupils use this option. We are always happy to see you. The school is made by the people – pupils, teachers and parents. It would not be possible without any of these groups and individuals.