International Cooperation

The elementary school has a long-term cooperation agreement with the Polish elementary and nursery school in Racibórz, Poland. The chidlren from PRIGO go to Racibórz school, local arboretum and castle in the framework of  the so-called “project days”. The children from Racibórz school, on the other hand, go on trips to our school and kindergarten. These mutual visits are prepared in the spirit of a particular project for children, always with a specific focus on, for example, technology, history, etc. We have also established cooperation with the foreign university University of Cambridge, where cooperation should take similar form as with the partner school in Racibórz. In the upcoming years, we will strive to participate in other international long-term projects such as Comenius, Erasmus etc.

It is worth noting that PRIGO cooperates with more than 20 foreign schools, starting with Great Britain, France, Germany and Austria, through American schools and ending with several Chinese schools (click here). International exchange of students and teachers thereby makes it possible to accelerate the boosting of language skills and the education of our students then acquires an international dimension. Additionally, we offer our students and teachers short-term and longer study or work stays abroad.