Mentoring at PRIGO Elementary School

Personal approach is one of the priorities of the PriorityGO concept which we apply throughout our schools. Based on the interconnection within the PRIGO schools group and the fact that it includes all levels of education, we have a unique opportunity to offer our students the possibility to participate in the new BuddyGo system, which moves the meaning of ‘personal approach’ to the next level. Targeted mentoring connects different levels of education in the group of PRIGO schools. This way, our students develop the today’s highly valued qualities such as responsibility and activity on the mentor-side, and easier integration on the mentoree-side.

New school, new environment, new classmates and teachers – at PRIGO, we take personal approach seriously. Our elementary school runs a mentoring programme, which benefits from the synergy of the PRIGO schools group, and takes the form of individual mentoring where each pupil of the elementary school, i.e.“Buddik”, has his/her mentor, “Buddy”, a partner and guide selected from a lower class of high school, who assists him/her in both school and extracurricular activities as well as helps him/her in the transition process to high school in the future.

Moreover, our elementary school runs a general mentoring programme where interaction between younger and older children takes place, either within the primary school itself, or in cooperation with high school and university students through various events.

If you are interested to discover how mentoring looks like at PRIGO, you can take a look here.