The first three places for our talented children

The PRIGO Elementary School said goodbye to some of its first cycle students this year. The elementary school, which was founded just five years ago, had its first graduates. And what a farewell that was! All three of our students, who took part in the entrance exams for eight-year cycle grammar schools, were very successful as each of them placed 1st in the order of the successful candidates at their respective grammar schools. We would like to congratulate them and wish them further success in the upcoming studies!!!

The achievement of our students is pleasing for us also because of the fact that we focus on children who have been diagnosed with extraordinary talent. In this spirit, the key task of our elementary school is to ensure a happy life of your child and to enhance his/her versatile development with a suitable mix of school and extracurricular educational activities. In the case of a diagnosed talent in a specific area, we develop the child’s predispositions for future studies. Our intention is therefore mainly to develop the abilities of these gifted children with the help of trained teachers and psychologists. One of the means to achieve this goal is also the individual approach taken towards each student. That being said, the school’s goal is not only the enhancement of knowledge, but the development of the whole personality of the child. The elementary school places great emphasis on supporting social and emotional skills, which in some cases tend to be the weak traits of talented children. We teach them to realize their potential and improve any potential weaknesses. Importantly, we teach them to manage the stress which comes with every exceptionality.

Apart that, our elementary school conducts mentoring, which benefits from the synergy of the PRIGO schools chain and takes the form of individual mentoring where each student of the elementary school (“Buddik”) has his/her mentor (“Buddy”), a partner and guide from a selected lower grade of high school. The Buddy then assists the Buddik in both school and extracurricular activities and eventually helps him/her in the transition process to high school.

It is worth noting that the elementary school runs a general mentoring programme, allowing interaction between younger and older children in the primary school itself, but also between primary school and high school students and even university students through a number of events.