Every pupil will receive and iPad for free to use during instruction and at home!! Enrolment and Open Days.

Due to the current epidemiological situation, the Open Days did not take place, but we prepared a virtual tour of the school for you. You can arrange an individual visit via phone or e-mail. The main enrollments of pupils in the 1st grade have already taken place. You can arrange an individual enrolment with the primary school’s manager, Ing. Linda Foltynova, DiS. via phone at +420 733 651 644 or by emailing skola@prigo.cz.

From the school year 2020/2021, all pupils enrolled in our PRIGO Elementary School will receive iPads, and so will their teachers. As a consequence, we will be finally able to accelerate the changes in teaching towards the needs of the 21st century.The equipment will always be new, it will be possible to use it for school, extracurricular and personal purposes, and after successful completion of studies, it will become the personal property of the child/parent free of charge.